The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; it has been said that “money can’t buy happiness”. Have you ever seen anyone purchase happiness with poverty?

How has poverty served America or any other society? Do you believe that you can’t buy happiness with money? If money can’t buy happiness, then what brings happiness to an individual if both money and poverty can’t purchase it. What about wealth? Can wealth purchase happiness?

Wealth isn’t about having lots of money, wealth by its definition, is about having an abundance of resources. Like all resources. Education, healthcare, energy, entertainment, wood, glass, food, parts and equipment for machinery and industry, money and countless other items. Having multiple options for education in society will lead to a wealthier society than having only a single option for people. Healthcare facilities should have a wealthy amount of respiratory therapists, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to treat all patients as effectively as possible using the latest technology and developments without having to worry about shortages of supplies. A wealthy amount of energy for a nation will include energy from a wide variety of sources such as oil, sun, wind, geothermal, wood, waves, city vibrations (large scale piezoelectric plates), nuclear, food, bugs, animals, and anything else that can plausibly provide fuel or energy so that a process can happen. Entertainment should be a variety of platforms that appeal to as many different people and groups as possible, this is far better than a single entity doing all the entertainment for everyone. If that were the case, everyone would get bored of it over time and it wouldn’t appeal to that many people. It’ll end up failing and being shut down. Mechanics that have a shortage of bolts and other vehicle parts will lead to zero vehicles being fixed and returned to the road. The automotive industry would then be poverty stricken due to the shortage of parts and pieces. What if this happens to a nation? The reason shortages happen is because people within a nation aren’t incentivized to produce. And when nothing gets produced, there is nothing for you and I to use to pursue our own self-interests. Usually nations, states, companies, cities and the individual fail when production is severely cutback, limited or outright eliminated. Wealth can only happen through abundant production (wealth is abundance of resources including your own talent when pursuing a self-interest). Pursuing self-interests isn’t selfish, its selfless. Through your pursuit of self-interests, you will become an expert in your choosing and once you become an expert you will start sharing your expertise with the world. And once the world knows that you are an expert in something, you will find the world coming to you and wanting to trade in their money for your production and expertise that you share with the world. And once this process begins, you will find yourself with an abundance of financial resources that you can use to trade in for other people’s production. This will make you The Wealthy You! and it happens through your production first. Does production purchase happiness?

Money is the most abundant resource in the universe and it becomes worth less each and every year due to inflation, which means you need more of it each year to continue purchasing the things you need. Pursuing the most abundant resource may not make a person happy but pursuing ones own production and labor and then trading that in for as much money one desires could lead to happiness. A person is at their happiest when they produce something they enjoy. The abundant money that comes with it is the icing on top, it is the 5-star steak, it is the limousine, it is the ranch, it is whatever your heart and soul desires but only after producing your self-interest for the world. This is the opposite of poverty.

Next week on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; building wealth is a personal choice and endeavor that should be shared with the world.

Become The Wealthy You!

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