The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Produce your product abundantly and share it generously, this is production. Production is the means of wealth. It is hard, damn near impossible to have wealth if nothing is produced.

Production. Throughout our life we are asked to produce, beginning with the moment we can walk and talk. Because if we can walk and talk, then we can do the chores. Parents ask their children to help with cleaning the house; cleaning the house produces a clean house, washing dishes produces clean dishes, etc. Then as those children age, they go off to school or find a job or another productive use of their time. And during that time in school or at someone else’s job or even their own use of their time, they are asked to produce. In school you need to produce passing grades in order to move onto the next grade or year in college. At work you are asked to produce within that job, regardless of what it is, that is the purpose of a paycheck. You produce for your organization that you work for, then you get paid and receive your paycheck. That is getting the job done and having an impact on the organization you are working for. If an individual gets a job with an organization but doesn’t produce, then odds are they will not keep that job for long term. If you found a productive use of your time that doesn’t fall within the boundaries of school or someone else’s job but is not benefitting someone else’s life, then your time is not being productive. One measure stick of productivity is how many people are seeking you out to help them with any issues or concerns they may have. Farms produce food and people will seek out their food. Doctors and respiratory therapists produce healthcare solutions and people will seek them out for their advice and solutions for healthcare. Lawyers produce comprehension of the law and represents their clients in court and people will seek out their help when they have concerns or problems with the law. Professional athletes try to produce as many wins as possible for their team and fans and those fans will flock to them for entertainment on a nightly basis. NASA produces an economic benefit that reaches all 50 states (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Economic Impact Report, October 2022). If NASA wasn’t producing these results for all 50 states or the American People, would they have the funding and access to all the resources to do what they are currently doing? And when nothing is produced by an individual or organization, absolutely nothing will be given to them in regards to resources that is needed for the work that isn’t being produced. There is no demand for resources or material coming from the people that produce nothing. Then there is nothing for them to trade in for other people’s money (role #1 for money; it is a means of exchange). You exchange in your production for other people’s money. The more people you produce for and serve, the more people there will be that will exchange in their money for your production.

Wealth is abundance of resources, not necessarily just money. A person can become The Wealthy You! without having an abundance of money, so long as they are producing abundantly for their customers or the people they serve. But the abundance of financial resources will come to you in due time as long as the abundant production can be sustained. This is God’s law and God’s law cannot be broken. Abundant production is the opposite of idle hands and idle hands are gifts to the Devil, which will destroy your life (look at homeless people and the production they don’t provide. Their hands are being gifted to the Devil whom has filled their camps and living conditions with disease, trash, crime, destitution, poverty, drugs and the destruction of human life. None of this should be desirable for The Wealthy You!).

According to 24/7 Wall ST, as of June 8, 2022, the top 5 wealthiest Americans in American history are, adjusted for inflation in 2022 dollars:

  • # 5: John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) $159.1 billion. First multi-millionaire in the United States. Produced results in fur trades and real estate for other people which earn him the majority of his wealth.
  • # 4: Sam Walton (1918-1992) $194.6 billion. Founder of Wal-Mart. Wal-mart is the world’s largest company by revenue at approximately $570 billion in annual revenue. They grew to that size by producing results and serving their customers.
  • # 3: Elon Musk (1971-present) $207 billion. Founder of Zip2, PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX. Each of these organizations produced work, products and technology that has advanced industries and society. SpaceX and NASA work closely.
  • # 2: Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) $ 236.4 billion. Built his wealth in railroads and shipping. Funded the initial gift to found Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • # 1: John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) $ 291.8 billion. First American billionaire and is the wealthiest American to have ever lived. Began as a merchant that dealt in food items like meats and grains, and then switched to the oil industry. Founded Standard Oil, which standardized the quality of oil production and then soon controlled 90% of America’s oil production before the Supreme Court used anti-trust laws to break the company up.

All of these people produced results, products, technology and services for as many people as possible. People made those individuals wealthy because they provided and produced for people in the first place. That is becoming The Wealthy You!

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; It is all a personal decision. Everything. Including what you do with your time, what your income is and how much you want to be worth; this is your net value. It is your decision to bring that to reality every day. It happens every day, not tomorrow.

Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Putting those ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing things in place, i.e. trying them or stress testing, is the road to production. Lots of your ideas, thoughts, dreams, and new or different ways of doing things will fail, so enjoy the process in abundance. You will need the abundance and want the wealth.

Every organization that provides a product or service to the public has undergone rigorous stress-testing of their products. This includes seeing how much physical stress a physical object that is produced can take before it fails and falls apart (how many times can a hammer hit a nail before the hammer fails?). Organizations that provide services undergo routine exercises and drills to stress-test the employees and the organizations policy responses to any given situation that they may encounter. The purpose of doing all these stress-tests is so that every organization can provide a quality product or service to the public with confidence that it works. That is the point of stress-tests and if this step is skipped then no one would know about the quality of your product and will be questioning the product itself.

But how did those organizations create those products to be stress-tested in the first place? You have to start somewhere and you need to have a tangible product that can be produced before it has the ability to be stress-tested. Usually it comes from people operating in a space that is a self-interest that they are pursuing. And why are they pursuing it in the first place? Because it’s interesting and is worth the investment of time every day to pursue it. During this process, products will be created and will undergo the stress-testing phase of becoming The Wealthy You!. Once a product has sufficiently passed the stress-test phase, then production can start. The point of production is to produce that product in an abundant and systematic way so the quality will be the same in each unit/product produced or service rendered to customers. Once production has begun, don’t ever stop producing and produce it abundantly to share with as many people as possible. There will always be a buyer, but you must have your quality product produced first before a buyer will buy. The more you produce and the more you share with as many people as possible, the more people there will be trading in their money for your product, literally for as long as you produce (money is a means of exchange/sharing). Imagine Ford not producing their trucks or Mustangs or only producing 10 a year, they wouldn’t have a presence on the roads and no one will know about them. Or Tesla not producing their Tesla vehicles, luxury electric vehicles wouldn’t be a thing, let alone Tesla themselves. What if farms stopped producing food? We would all starve. Or doctors and other medical staff stopped producing/sharing their talents for their community. Medical care would collapse and lives would shorten. Don’t ever stop producing, because the moment production stops is the moment you begin to be replaced. And we all suffer when your products, talents, and services aren’t shared with society and your community in abundance. But we all benefit when you do share your talents, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and products with as many people as possible.

During this entire process, you will have ideas, thoughts, dreams and new ways of doing things that will not pass your stress-tests. This is a pivot. Do you believe in the product? If so, then change the product in the area where it failed the stress-test so the next iteration will pass that part of the stress-test. This is a product-pivot. If the belief in the product seems to vacate your heart, this is also a pivot, but it is known as an idea-pivot. Your ideas should pivot to a completely different product that can be produced and stress-tested. Sometimes this new product will be in a completely different space or industry. Or maybe it’s a different product in the same space or industry. Pivots aren’t your failures, it was the products failure. Pivots can be struggles for us, but struggles are growth and growing pains, and the problems of growth is better to deal with than dealing with the problems that comes from contraction and poverty.

Do this abundantly, this is a part of becoming The Wealthy You!. It is impossible for you to become wealthy if you do not abundantly pursue your self-interests and share it with the world. With as many people as possible. The more abundantly ideas you produce and pursue and consistently and constantly share it with the world, the wealthier you will become. It comes from abundantly producing the thing that interests you and has passed all stress-tests it went through.

The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE is a simple and basic lesson of economics. The definition of economics is the production and consumption of goods, resources and services. To have an economy, a nation must produce goods and resources. The more that is produced the larger the economy. Money is used to account for the value of the production that nation produces. How does a nation produce? You!!!. Whatever you produce abundantly and share with people, that value you create will contribute to your nations economic development and total economic value. For a country to have a strong economy; its citizens must produce for others. For a billion-dollar business to exist and continue existing; it must produce for others. For you to become The Wealthy You!; you must produce for others. Create the image in your mind.

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Collect additional incomes by providing needed products or services for your community and for others. Look for solutions to problems that plague society.

Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; it has been said that “money can’t buy happiness”. Have you ever seen anyone purchase happiness with poverty?

How has poverty served America or any other society? Do you believe that you can’t buy happiness with money? If money can’t buy happiness, then what brings happiness to an individual if both money and poverty can’t purchase it. What about wealth? Can wealth purchase happiness?

Wealth isn’t about having lots of money, wealth by its definition, is about having an abundance of resources. Like all resources. Education, healthcare, energy, entertainment, wood, glass, food, parts and equipment for machinery and industry, money and countless other items. Having multiple options for education in society will lead to a wealthier society than having only a single option for people. Healthcare facilities should have a wealthy amount of respiratory therapists, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to treat all patients as effectively as possible using the latest technology and developments without having to worry about shortages of supplies. A wealthy amount of energy for a nation will include energy from a wide variety of sources such as oil, sun, wind, geothermal, wood, waves, city vibrations (large scale piezoelectric plates), nuclear, food, bugs, animals, and anything else that can plausibly provide fuel or energy so that a process can happen. Entertainment should be a variety of platforms that appeal to as many different people and groups as possible, this is far better than a single entity doing all the entertainment for everyone. If that were the case, everyone would get bored of it over time and it wouldn’t appeal to that many people. It’ll end up failing and being shut down. Mechanics that have a shortage of bolts and other vehicle parts will lead to zero vehicles being fixed and returned to the road. The automotive industry would then be poverty stricken due to the shortage of parts and pieces. What if this happens to a nation? The reason shortages happen is because people within a nation aren’t incentivized to produce. And when nothing gets produced, there is nothing for you and I to use to pursue our own self-interests. Usually nations, states, companies, cities and the individual fail when production is severely cutback, limited or outright eliminated. Wealth can only happen through abundant production (wealth is abundance of resources including your own talent when pursuing a self-interest). Pursuing self-interests isn’t selfish, its selfless. Through your pursuit of self-interests, you will become an expert in your choosing and once you become an expert you will start sharing your expertise with the world. And once the world knows that you are an expert in something, you will find the world coming to you and wanting to trade in their money for your production and expertise that you share with the world. And once this process begins, you will find yourself with an abundance of financial resources that you can use to trade in for other people’s production. This will make you The Wealthy You! and it happens through your production first. Does production purchase happiness?

Money is the most abundant resource in the universe and it becomes worth less each and every year due to inflation, which means you need more of it each year to continue purchasing the things you need. Pursuing the most abundant resource may not make a person happy but pursuing ones own production and labor and then trading that in for as much money one desires could lead to happiness. A person is at their happiest when they produce something they enjoy. The abundant money that comes with it is the icing on top, it is the 5-star steak, it is the limousine, it is the ranch, it is whatever your heart and soul desires but only after producing your self-interest for the world. This is the opposite of poverty.

Next week on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; building wealth is a personal choice and endeavor that should be shared with the world.

Become The Wealthy You!