Become The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE

It doesn’t matter, so enjoy your labor and lead by example.

There are questions about life that people have been asking in all societies since mankind began.  “What is the purpose of life?”. “What is our meaning of being here on Earth?”, “How did the physical world come into existence?”, “What happens after death?”, “Is there really a God, or a higher power?”, and “If God really did exist, then how come there is so much evil, death, destruction, murder, theft and other harms to people that exists in life?”.  Each society that has existed has attempted to answer some of those questions to the best of their abilities.  Gods were created to help explain the things they saw.  For example, Plutus is the Greek God of abundance or wealth; Aje is the Goddess of abundance and wealth in the Yoruba religion; and Lakshmi is the Goddess of spiritual and material wealth and abundance in the Hindu religion.  Just to name a few.  These societies and others have created Gods for agriculture, the sun, the Earth, poverty, spirits, health, and just about anything else you can think of that has an impact on human life since the beginning of mankind. 

            Is our society any different today?  In America, movies have been created that depict people who have Godlike abilities and Godlike impacts on other peoples’ lives.  One advantage America has today when these companies create their Godlike characters is the visual representation of what they are creating.  Something societies didn’t have in the past when their Gods were created, except for rudimentary printing.  Each company that produces a product or service has a mantra that motivates them and drives the firm.  Something they believe in and believe to be true.  Their work has an impact on other peoples’ lives.  Ancient societies attempted to do the same thing when they created their Gods.  It was the God that they believed in that determined the fate of their lives, it was their mantra that motivated them every day.  There has to be an explanation for why things were the way they were. 

            How is it that Gods are created when God made mankind?  Gods that societies created were Gods from that society; the Gods that the Greeks created became Greek Gods.  Romans created the Roman Gods.  The Egyptians had their Gods.  And the Mayans had theirs.  The list of societies and their Gods can be quite long, these Gods were created in those societies image but had more than 7 days to do so.  But it was the people from those societies that created them to help explain what they were seeing in life.  Only intelligent life has this ability.  The proof is in the production of mankind (Become The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE).  Is there any talk of God on other planets?  What about God’s gifts and miracles occurring on other planets or in other solar systems?  What about life, besides humans, what other life forms talk, pray to, and worship God?  How about before humans, did the Dinosaurs and other ancient creatures talk about or create any Gods?  Is there any evidence of Dinosaurs worshipping God(s)?  The answer to all these questions bring us back to humans.  Humans make up the societies that created the Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Egyptian Gods, Mayan Gods, and others.  It is only humans that talk about God, and humans only exist on Earth.  There has been no evidence of God’s gifts and miracles occurring on other planets in the Universe.  And when it comes to life, it is only humans that will build buildings and go to these buildings to pray to God at least once a week.  Dogs and cats don’t do that, as well as the beasts and creatures of the sea, land and air.  Only humans.  Dinosaurs roamed the planet looking for food, shelter and to reproduce for hundreds of millions of years and nothing else motivated them.  They did not have a mantra to live by.  They were not an intelligent life form and could not recognize or have the ability to create or recognize Gods.  Mankind has produced books, pamphlets, cards, flyers, brochures, audio material and visual material to create God or to pray to God.  The Bible is included in this list (in the Bible there is a book called Ecclesiastes which explains the point of life.  Its explanation is that life is meaningless and it doesn’t matter, therefore your labor and your toiling under the sun should be enjoyed during your short time on Earth).  Mankind has the ability to print God’s power on paper and has the ability to follow it or question it.  Nothing else can do this.  This is because the human mind is the ultimate creator of realities.  And all these realities that are being created only exist here on Earth.  And there is more than one reality.  There is one physical world, but each individual human that lives upon it has their own unique reality that is built by their decisions and words.  The result, there are billions of realities on Earth, going all the way back to the first humans that existed.  And realities will continue to be created by humans until humans no longer exist in a physical world.  This power exists regardless of whether you follow and pray to God or question God. 

            So, how do you create a reality?  Simple answer is your decisions.  Your decisions come from your mind.  There will be external influences that you don’t directly control, but you do have the ability to make decisions that can alter those external influences to a certain degree.  Decisions will determine what words you say and your words will build your world.  This is what makes human life so malleable, to be formed in your own image.  If your words are pessimistic or aggressive, don’t be surprised if your world becomes pessimistic and aggressive.  If your words speak of your insecurities, then your world will be built by your insecurities.  If your words are positive, then your world will be of a more positive nature.    

            How does this apply to you Becoming The Wealthy You!?  The answer is production.  All the Gods those societies created were produced by people within in those societies.  Those Gods would not exist if people did not take the time to create and produce them in the first place.  Becoming The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE is about production.  Producing for others.  The more you produce something for mankind, the more you will have to trade in for other people’s money.  Your production isn’t for you, it is for others.  You can’t bring anything with you in Death, but your production will be left behind for others.  We still speak of all the Gods from ancient societies.  And we use technology that was developed by people that are no longer living.  I can’t answer any of the questions from the beginning of this chapter for you, because each human will have a different answer, but I can say this:  since you are the ultimate creator of your life, make the decision to produce something for others, but make sure you enjoy what you are producing and produce it in abundance so you will always have something you produced to trade in for other people’s money so that you may feed yourself, pay your other bills and enjoy your life.  If you ever get tired of producing something, then it is time to produce something different.  Your mind will tell you. 

            But these realities do not exist if you don’t lead by example first.  The Gods in those ancient societies were first created by someone leading by example.  They would not have existed had someone not led by example to create explanations for what they saw.  For you to Become The Wealthy You!, get comfortable with doing things first and leading by example.  It might be just you at the beginning, but if you persist, you will Become The Wealthy You! through your production. 

Become The Wealthy You!

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