The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE. Poverty is a lack and wealth is an abundance of resources.

This week on The Wealthy You!; Poverty is a lack of resources and wealth is an abundance of resources. Generally speaking, it is better to have abundance and not lack.

When wealth is mentioned, a lot of times excessive amounts of money come to mind. And while that can be true if looking at the obvious and the amount of digits behind the dollar signs, wealth specifically means an abundance of resources. As in all resources needed for everyday living. This includes food, energy, water, land, parts, pieces, equipment, and supplies. Healthcare and all the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists that fill hospitals to do lifesaving work, there should be an abundant of healthcare workers at every healthcare facility. They will need a constant supply of resources so that they can properly tend to their patients. The abundant production and not the lack of production of those hospital supplies will better equip those healthcare workers and the hospitals they work for.

Education is another example. Is it better for society to have an abundance of educational opportunities instead of one or no options? As an individual in America you can go to a university, a community college, get a job and attend your company’s in-house education for promotions, become self-employed or do something else. That option is yours and the more abundant those opportunities there are in society, the more productive the individual and their society will become, while raising the standard of living for all. Generally speaking, this is a better alternative to the only option coming from the state or living in a lawless society where there is no incentive to create a product and share it with others. A wealth of opportunities for education and not a lack of opportunities for education is best for us all.

Think about food in the grocery store. Do you want to see empty shelves and little meat options and other food items? Or do you want to see as many options as possible from your kitchen staples to specialty food items? Ideally, when we leave the grocery store we should have all the food items we need to be properly fed and nourished. There should be a wealth of food options every time you visit a grocery store. And wealth extends to the types of stores as well. In larger urban cities, there are multiple specialty stores that specializes in specific types of food and ingredients from specific areas around the world. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian, and all other types from around the world. This would be ideal as opposed to empty buildings or lots that aren’t being developed to provide you and your community with products and services.

The Wealthy You! isn’t about being rich, it’s about being wealthy. This program establishes the differences between being rich and being wealthy. At times, a person can be both rich and wealthy but they are not the same things. Being rich is being dependent upon a large paycheck; being wealthy is not being dependent upon any paycheck. Professional athletes that go broke within 5 years of retiring from their sport was rich, they were never wealthy. The individual who earns a small paycheck but is able to pay themselves and increase their net-worth with each paycheck is wealthy (and becomes wealthier). If they were to lose their job it wouldn’t be the end of the world because they reduced their dependency on a paycheck while receiving a paycheck. But if you want to be truly wealthy with financial resources and other valuable assets, then your time will be better spent producing for others, as many others as possible, every day, instead of looking to receive a paycheck from one source one time a week or every other week. The wealthiest people in the world do not use their time to work for a paycheck from someone else. Wealth is abundantly producing for as many people as possible. Once you begin producing for others, then at any moment in time you can trade in your production for other people’s money for as much money you may need or want to purchase anything you may need or want whenever you need or want it.

Money is the most abundant resource in the entire Universe, your time is not. Money can be bought at every store in America; your time cannot be purchased at any store in America. Money isn’t backed by anything of significant value (full faith and credit of the United States Government) and it drops in value each year forcing you to use more money to get the things you need every day (inflation). Your time is backed by your actions and production every day and it gets more valuable each year. How much do you think your time is worth?

Next week on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; it has been said that “money can’t buy happiness”. Have you ever seen anyone purchase happiness with poverty? How has poverty served America and society?

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