The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; View yourself as one of the most valuable things to exist in society; you are more valuable than diamond rings, million dollar sports cars and billion dollar sports franchises. Besides, someone has to own all those assets, why not you?

We, as people, tend to see objects and will immediately put a value on it/them. Sometimes it is a numerical or monetary value i.e. diamond rings. Other times it can be an intangible amount, but valuable nonetheless i.e. the love you have for your spouse or someone else (the value of intangible can be more valuable than monetary value). Of course, everyone is an individual and will have their own motivations for emphasizing value for something. But we all do it. It has happened ever since the very beginning, and there is no reason that it will end tomorrow or anytime soon. Humans placing value on things and objects will happen until humans don’t exist anymore. Knowing this about having the ability to place value, there are individuals who diminish the value in themselves. They do this by negative self-talk: “my life sucks”, “I am so screwed”, “bad always happens to me”, “this is just my luck”, “I always get the short stick”, “I’m trying to find myself still”. These are quick and simple sayings that individuals will say to themselves, either out loud or under their breath, literally every day. Every day they are telling themselves these negative words of affirmations. When something is repeated consistently to a human mind, the human mind will begin to realize it as a reality. Your world is built and destroyed by your tongue. The more these negative words are repeated, the more the world will start to see those negative words about you too. This also applies to the opposite of negative. The more an individual can do positive self-talk like; “my life is awesome”, “I am setup for success”, “I am surrounded by good and love”, “I manufacture good luck in my life”, “I have found myself and this is what I do to validate myself”. The more these positive affirmations are repeated, the more the world will start to see those positive words about you too. Your world is built and destroyed by your tongue.

Rubies, emeralds, diamonds, money and value are all around us and they are quite shiny too. But they are literally all around us, even in some of the smallest cities you can find a jewelry store that will sell you as many rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other jewelry as possible. They can even give you a credit card application so you can spend someone else’s money immediately on jewelry and then pay that person (bank/lender) back over time. Even pawn stores throughout America have jewelry on sale. But it is all value that must be owned by someone. And this value also includes homes, businesses, real estate, vehicles, sports franchises and anything else that can be owned by someone or a group of people. Ownership is taking responsibility of the thing that is being owned, if no one was allowed to own anything personally or privately, then who is taking responsibility of the homes people live in and the businesses that provide a product or service that people need? If it isn’t you that owns these things, then the government will have to take responsibility of everything and all assets in the nation. This is called socialism. The Wealthy You! is you taking responsibility of the assets you desire and owning them. If it is your own house, this means that all the doors and windows close and lock, there are no holes in the roof or walls, and all equipment and appliances work without issue, to make it become a fully functioning house. If it is a business that you own, then that business needs to produce its product or service in a reliable, consistent and price efficient way for the people that you serve (businesses of all sizes, from the smallest one-person shop to the largest corporations that employ hundreds of thousands of employees, all take part in the production and distribution of all resources that are used by you and I every day). The Wealthy You! is you taking your business(s) to the next level and owning your business not for yourself, but for your customers. You will then find more customers trading in more of their money on an increasingly frequent basis at your business(s). This means more money flowing through your hands (bank account) that you can use to continue growing your business (growth comes from God). But none of this will happen until your customers see an increase in service coming from you first. That is always the case; service first, then you get paid or see the valuation increase in your business. It is the same with a paycheck, work first and then you get paid.  See yourself as the most valuable thing in your life, then let your hands do the physical work that your mind sees for yourself to realize that reality.  You are worth more than rubies, emeralds, and diamonds and you will shine brighter than those shiny stones too. 

Why do I keep talking about businesses? Not everyone owns a business, this is true. But everyone does have a busyness that keeps them busy and productive which gives a feeling of satisfaction, completion and contribution. This could mean staying at home, cleaning the house and walking the dogs everyday while your spouse goes off to work. This is busyness that is productive for the house and your family. When it comes to busyness outside of the house that you do for others, legal entities exist that will help you manage resources, hire employees, produce your goods/services, and distribute them to retail outlets of your choosing. The U.S. Government refers to these legal entities as corporations, businesses, companies, proprietorships and partnerships. The Wealthy You! has you using these laws to your advantage so that you can share your product and ideas with the world. You will then find people around the world trading in their money for your product, literally all the time.

I know you can do this because human beings are the most creative force and power in the entire physical Universe (prove me wrong), armed with the most capable thinking device the Universe has ever experienced, the human mind; coupled with time and a near infinite amount of resources available for you to use. You can do whatever and however you want, just be as detailed as possible instead of generalizing and focus your mind power on it every day. Your mind will produce more of what you focus it on. Make the decision, take ownership of your life, time and production, and focus your mind on what you desire.

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Wants versus needs.

Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Produce your product abundantly and share it generously, this is production. Production is the means of wealth. It is hard, damn near impossible to have wealth if nothing is produced.

Production. Throughout our life we are asked to produce, beginning with the moment we can walk and talk. Because if we can walk and talk, then we can do the chores. Parents ask their children to help with cleaning the house; cleaning the house produces a clean house, washing dishes produces clean dishes, etc. Then as those children age, they go off to school or find a job or another productive use of their time. And during that time in school or at someone else’s job or even their own use of their time, they are asked to produce. In school you need to produce passing grades in order to move onto the next grade or year in college. At work you are asked to produce within that job, regardless of what it is, that is the purpose of a paycheck. You produce for your organization that you work for, then you get paid and receive your paycheck. That is getting the job done and having an impact on the organization you are working for. If an individual gets a job with an organization but doesn’t produce, then odds are they will not keep that job for long term. If you found a productive use of your time that doesn’t fall within the boundaries of school or someone else’s job but is not benefitting someone else’s life, then your time is not being productive. One measure stick of productivity is how many people are seeking you out to help them with any issues or concerns they may have. Farms produce food and people will seek out their food. Doctors and respiratory therapists produce healthcare solutions and people will seek them out for their advice and solutions for healthcare. Lawyers produce comprehension of the law and represents their clients in court and people will seek out their help when they have concerns or problems with the law. Professional athletes try to produce as many wins as possible for their team and fans and those fans will flock to them for entertainment on a nightly basis. NASA produces an economic benefit that reaches all 50 states (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Economic Impact Report, October 2022). If NASA wasn’t producing these results for all 50 states or the American People, would they have the funding and access to all the resources to do what they are currently doing? And when nothing is produced by an individual or organization, absolutely nothing will be given to them in regards to resources that is needed for the work that isn’t being produced. There is no demand for resources or material coming from the people that produce nothing. Then there is nothing for them to trade in for other people’s money (role #1 for money; it is a means of exchange). You exchange in your production for other people’s money. The more people you produce for and serve, the more people there will be that will exchange in their money for your production.

Wealth is abundance of resources, not necessarily just money. A person can become The Wealthy You! without having an abundance of money, so long as they are producing abundantly for their customers or the people they serve. But the abundance of financial resources will come to you in due time as long as the abundant production can be sustained. This is God’s law and God’s law cannot be broken. Abundant production is the opposite of idle hands and idle hands are gifts to the Devil, which will destroy your life (look at homeless people and the production they don’t provide. Their hands are being gifted to the Devil whom has filled their camps and living conditions with disease, trash, crime, destitution, poverty, drugs and the destruction of human life. None of this should be desirable for The Wealthy You!).

According to 24/7 Wall ST, as of June 8, 2022, the top 5 wealthiest Americans in American history are, adjusted for inflation in 2022 dollars:

  • # 5: John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) $159.1 billion. First multi-millionaire in the United States. Produced results in fur trades and real estate for other people which earn him the majority of his wealth.
  • # 4: Sam Walton (1918-1992) $194.6 billion. Founder of Wal-Mart. Wal-mart is the world’s largest company by revenue at approximately $570 billion in annual revenue. They grew to that size by producing results and serving their customers.
  • # 3: Elon Musk (1971-present) $207 billion. Founder of Zip2, PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX. Each of these organizations produced work, products and technology that has advanced industries and society. SpaceX and NASA work closely.
  • # 2: Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877) $ 236.4 billion. Built his wealth in railroads and shipping. Funded the initial gift to found Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • # 1: John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) $ 291.8 billion. First American billionaire and is the wealthiest American to have ever lived. Began as a merchant that dealt in food items like meats and grains, and then switched to the oil industry. Founded Standard Oil, which standardized the quality of oil production and then soon controlled 90% of America’s oil production before the Supreme Court used anti-trust laws to break the company up.

All of these people produced results, products, technology and services for as many people as possible. People made those individuals wealthy because they provided and produced for people in the first place. That is becoming The Wealthy You!

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; It is all a personal decision. Everything. Including what you do with your time, what your income is and how much you want to be worth; this is your net value. It is your decision to bring that to reality every day. It happens every day, not tomorrow.

Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – DEFENSE

This week on The Wealthy You; being a collector of wealth, but not all the money you earn is yours.

Despite having an income that is 100%, that is you take home every dollar that is owed to you from your work, not all the money you earn will be yours to keep. Because you have a house or apartment that you pay a mortgage or rent to live in, the mortgage lender or your landlord will be having conversations with you if you don’t pay them. Same thing for transportation costs, and car loans.  They expect to be paid for giving you their service and that is when your income starts to be divided, paying your bills for those companies service (money is a means of exchange). We all want to live in a structure to be protected from the elements and have a place to eat and sleep every day. We want lights and heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. We want entertainment. We want and need all kinds of things for us to not suffer in life. We afford these things by going to work or a job and providing a product or service for people who could benefit from those products or services. We are rewarded by our customers when they make a purchase.  In a simple example; customers purchase a product or service from you or the company you work for, this puts money in your hands and pockets or the company you work for hands and pockets (then you get paid), then you collect for yourself first from that money that the customers paid you, then the rest of that money goes to paying your bills. The rest of that money is the money that is earned by you but isn’t yours. The money that you keep for yourself or pay yourself first and foremost is the money that is yours to keep forever. The rest will go to paying your bills so that you do have a place to live, sleep and eat every day and anything else you want to exchange the rest of your money in for.

Paying yourself first is the most important thing you will do financially in your life. You are your most important bill and your greatest asset. Without you, nothing in your life will ever get done. Reward yourself first for the things you do get done in life. Then use the rest of what you earn for your lifestyle. The greater your service is to society (provide them with something that is useful and beneficial), the larger your financial rewards will be. And the greater your financial rewards are, the more you should be paying yourself.

What could help is viewing yourself as a collector of wealth and value. Collectors, by their inherent nature, do not get rid of the things they collect.  They usually put it on display and put a tremendous amount of time, energy and work to making it look nice and keeping it nice.  Whether it is done for the public to view or just their family and friends to look at is a mute-point.  The point is they acquire what is collected and keep it from being eroded, lost, stolen or taken away in some form.  You can do the same thing with money, wealth and value.  Don’t save money; collect money and wealth.  Put your name on it and take ownership of it and collect it throughout your entire life.  Saving money sounds boring, but collecting wealth is exciting and fun and is something you can do literally every day of your life. 

Next week; make it a habit.

Become The Wealthy You!