The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; New ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing things will fill your mind while pursuing your self-interests.

The pursuit of self-interests is what motivates people. Generally speaking, people will do whatever interests them in life. Why do people do it? Because it is interesting. That is why it is pursued. The pursuit is what drives you, like the hunter pursuits the hunted. There are reasons why it is pursued, and we are all motivated for different reasons to pursue it. Bottom-line is though, that it is being pursued whenever time is committed to the pursuit. And the pursuit is worthy to pursuit because time is being committed and invested into the pursuit; might as well make it a daily pursuit. Because, why not? It’s interesting and it’ll be fun, not to mention the exercise your mind and brain will receive during the pursuit.

This is called The Wealthy You, wealth being abundance of resources. The Wealthy You is asking you to pursuit your own self-interests, abundantly. That is The Wealthy You!, the abundance pursuit of your interests. This abundant pursuit will lead to all kinds of new ideas and thoughts or new ways of making or delivering your interest. And we all benefit from this. Your family, friends, neighbors, church’s, communities, society and everyone else you care about. All the development mankind has seen and developed has come from men and women pursuing their own self-interests. And we have all benefited from it too. What else are you going to do in life? Life can’t be purchased in a store; but money can be (credit cards, loans). Time can’t be purchased in a store; but money can be (mortgages, other financial products). What is the value of your self-interests? What is the worth of your life? How much would you buy your time for if you saw it for sale at the store? This is a uniquely human trait, no other animal or living creature has the ability to pursue self-interests as deeply, creatively, and widely as human beings. Humans have the incredible ability to create their own life in their own image, literally down to the smallest detail. That is your option and the abundant pursuit of your own self-interests will help you build your life in your own image. And you have been given a lot more that 7 days to do such things as well.

One warning: odds are that you won’t always find the self-interests that motivate you to pursuit from a regular paycheck and job. It is impossible to find more of your time for sale on the shelf in literally all of the stores you visit on a regular basis in your community. Knowing this, how much would you be willing to pay for another decade of your time if you did find a decade of your time for sale at the local Time Store? The realization might give you a bloody nose when you think about how much you have been selling your time on an hourly basis to your employer for a paycheck compared to how much you may be willing to pay to buy another decade of your time at your local Time Store (especially as you get older). The people that pursue self-interests and share them with the world, literally as many people as possible, are the people who aren’t employed and they don’t become dependent upon a regular paycheck. Money is the most abundant resource in the Universe and there is nothing that can replace it and its role in society. It is a resource that should be as abundant as possible, so that you and I and everyone else can get what we want and need when we want and need it regardless of where we are physically located. Money is a means of exchange. Money is only backed by “The Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Government” if you keep money liquid in the bank. If you abundantly pursue self-interests every day and put money that you get from customers into a business system that allows you to continue pursuing self-interests, then you will have money backed up by a business entity (an appreciating store of value) that you use to pursuit your self-interests and share them with the world. Your business will become an identifying part of you that people will interact with every day to purchase your interest that you share with the world. You will have customers every day and people consuming your interest and products throughout the world instead of a paycheck every two weeks.

Doing absolutely nothing for no one is lame and should be avoided. No one gets paid, compensated or has a product to use in these nothingness situations.

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; Putting those ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing things in place i.e. trying them out or stress testing, is the road to production. Lots of your ideas, thoughts, dreams, and new or different ways of doing things will fail, so enjoy the process in abundance. You will need the abundance.

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The Wealthy You! – DEFENSE. Making or not making decisions.

This week on The Wealthy You!; Making or not making decisions.

Making decisions. Your entire life is a collection of decisions, both good and bad. The decisions you make build your life and bring you to where you are currently. If you don’t like where you are at currently in life, then change your criteria for making decisions in your life. If you don’t have criteria established to help make decisions, then make the decision to establish criteria that will help you make those decisions. Don’t let others make the majority of decisions for you, make a habit of making those decisions yourself. Once you get in the habit of making decisions, you will find yourself making those decisions every day, decisions that will lead your life and your body to where you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to be, then make the decision to go somewhere with your life and body. Both your life, body and time are yours, not the governments, not your job or organization you work for, not your families, not your friends, nor the strangers you see everyday. It is yours and it is your responsibility to make those decisions. Every day.

When it comes to building The Wealthy You, start with making the decisions around your income. Where you establish your income is your decision. What I mean by ‘where you establish your income’ is that your income is determined by you. You might be getting paid a set amount by your job, but it is established by your employer. The employer has made the decision to determine that the job you are fulfilling for them is worth however much the employer is willing to pay people in that position. It was your decision to accept that job. If you desire more financial resources, then make the decision to find money outside your job. You must make the decision and determine how much you believe you are worth. The higher the number you decide upon, the less likely you will desire a job from someone else. The wealthiest people in the world do not work for a paycheck from someone else or from a single job. They work to establish as many sources of income as possible. They also make the decision to put money to work for them 24/7. Money will do this for you because money doesn’t have a physical body to take care of and maintain; money doesn’t have family that it wants to spend time with; money doesn’t need to sleep or eat or clean itself; and money is perfectly content working day and night for you. It will even find more money for you to put to work for you. Money is one of the most abundant resources in the entire Universe. Take advantage of money working for you, or else you will get the feeling that it will take advantage of you. All of that is your decision to make.

Most people who have and maintain a job with an employer tend to only have that one source of income available to them in their life. Becoming The Wealthy You! inherently means not being dependent upon a single source of income. If you have one source of income from a job and employer and that employer cuts back on production or closes shop and eliminates your job, you will experience and have to endure a major financial repercussion in your financial life. But if you spend your time and make the decision to acquire as many sources of income in addition to your job, then if your employer cuts back on production or closes shop, then the financial repercussions you experience will be minimized and the pain reduced. Where one income stops, another can and will grow exponentially. But you must make the decision to have as many sources of income as possible. Be creative with it and produce for others. Others will trade in their money for your production.

In addition to establishing and acquiring as many sources of income as possible, you must make the decision and determine how much you are worth in financial terms. Whatever number you decide upon, focus on that number every day. The human mind creates more of whatever it focuses on. If you focus on the number that you are worth every day, then your mind will create the reality that you are worth the amount that you made the decision on. The higher the better. This program is called The Wealthy You!, not The Poverty You!. Make it a habit and make those decision every day.

Next week on The Wealthy You!; it is all mental.

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The Wealthy You! – DEFENSE

This week on The Wealthy You; it is irrelevant how much you earn.

What is meant by this is that your income should be and will be fluid. It should ebb and flow with your life, it will have highs and lows throughout your lifetime. You may have a good paying job right out of high school at a young age but which may be dangerous in which there are few people willing to do the job but the people who do accept the job are payed generously, just to keep them coming to work everyday to do such a dangerous job. Then perhaps you get injured from that job and your income falls from underneath you and goes to the lowest income you have had in your life. Who knows how long the injury or other event will have an impact in your life, how long does your income stay low? Then the next work you find is a job that is mediocre in your life that pays a mediocre wage, as an example. Your income will be reacting to events and changes that occur throughout your entire life. It’ll be high and low and in the middle. Preventing your lifestyle from having the same drastic shifts and changes that your income is experiencing will be a major stress relief when your income does drop. This happens by paying yourself first a percentage, minimum of at least 10%, before all your other bills are paid. When you get in the habit of paying yourself first, or collecting for yourself what you work for everyday that you don’t spend, you will always have a pile of cash available when you need it. This will automatically eliminate the feeling of working paycheck-to-paycheck (this is a miserable way of working your entire life). Going to work everyday to pay yourself is the ideal reason why we work, not because it pays the bills (you are your most important bill, if you go to a job that you don’t care for and say “because it pays the bills” but you are NOT paying yourself first, then your comments become hypocritical). Get in the habit of paying yourself first.

When you establish the habit of paying yourself first from every source of income you work for and build, you are also simultaneously eliminating a phenomena that happens when people’s income goes up, called Lifestyle Inflation. Your income goes up then your cost-of-living goes up. This phenomena, despite having a larger income, has led to more financial problems in peoples lives than having a job that just rises with inflation. More money means more access to credit (other peoples’ money), more credit use means more bills to pay to those creditors (bigger house, more cars, fill up the house, do something with those cars) and more bills to others means less money for you, yourself, your retirement, and other you-related wealthy goals. This is a guarantee with Lifestyle Inflation and is a classic ‘it doesn’t matter what you earn or make, what matters is how much you can keep’.

It is important for you to pay yourself at least 10% first and foremost, it is a habit that should be as reliable as eating everyday and drinking water. You will do it your entire life regardless of what you do for income and how much you earn. Why 10% as a minimum though? Good question, there are a few reasons that we will go over throughout this program. In stable economic conditions, inflation (the amount of the money supply inflating within the system), rarely goes over 10% year-over-year. In the most recent pandemic year, inflation hit 6-7% for the United States, a 40-year high. 6-7% is still lower than 10%. Paying yourself at a minimum of 10% from each dollar you touch will help protect the wealth you are building from being eroded away by inflation. You are collecting a larger share of your income than the amount the nation’s total money supply grew by in one year. Of course the effects are mitigated when your collection is appreciating at a rate less than inflation, but we will talk more about this in the OFFENSE section of The Wealthy You. This all happens regardless of how much you earn or get payed. 10% is the minimum but the more the merrier as well. There is nothing wrong in paying yourself more than 10%.

One of the biggest components of the DEFENSE section of The Wealthy You is keeping what you earn by managing inflation and keeping it tame in your life. We are all exposed to it everyday in the economic system we live in, but you can reduce the impact it will have in your life by paying yourself first at least 10% and by building The Wealthy You! literally everyday of your life. And it doesn’t matter how much you earn. But how much you can keep.

Next week; being a collector of wealth, but not all the money you earn is yours.

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It doesn’t happen tomorrow.

Like everything in life, it doesn’t happen tomorrow. What doesn’t happen tomorrow? Great question. The largest and oldest trees on the planet did not become the largest and oldest tomorrow. They achieved that status by working towards becoming the largest and oldest everyday. If you want something, start acting like you already have that something everyday. If you want to be a doctor, start acting like a doctor everyday. If you want to be the CEO of a billion dollar business, start acting like the CEO of a billion dollar business everyday. If you want to be a professional athlete, start acting like you are a professional athlete everyday. If you want to be the President, start acting like you are the President everyday (be as grand as possible). If you want to be homeless, start acting like you are homeless everyday. It works in both directions.

What you do in life doesn’t happen tomorrow. It happens during every moment of your life, and it is all your decision. Be as specific as possible, the more specific the better. Beginning with your income is a great place to start.