Become The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE

Taxes and profits; crime and losses.

Taxes, profits, crime and losses are all generated by people, it is something that is produced when decisions are made.  And not all can happen at once.  Taxes are paid out of profits and not losses.  If a company has a loss in earnings in any given year, the IRS will not be expecting taxes to be paid by the company.  But once losses are eliminated in its entirety, and more money flows into the coffers than there is money leaving the coffers, then profits are being earned.  And if profits are being earned, by anyone like giant corporations and small pa-and-ma shops, then the IRS will be expecting taxes to be paid.  But paying taxes is good because it indicates profits.  Profits are gains between the amount spent to produce something and the amount earned from the final production.  When profits are being earned, we all benefit because products and services are created that you and I can use to our advantage and consume.  Jobs are being created to help produce the product and service to earn the profit.  And taxes are being paid to the government to help fund government expenditures and services for the people who need it.  All these benefits have the potential to disappear if profits disappear.  The opposite of profits are losses.  No one likes to lose.  From professional athletes all the way to your bank account and everything in between, losses are generally frowned upon and is sought to be diminished.  As soon as losses start to become obvious, crime isn’t too far behind.  Crime is a form of loss and usually people and society don’t benefit from crime.  No one is living a better life because someone committed a crime.  Stealing bread to feed yourself is one thing, but to outright steal to enrich oneself at the expense of innocent people and to do this when starvation isn’t a concern benefits no one.  Taxes aren’t being paid because a crime happened.  The victim experiences a loss and consumes even more resources trying to recover from the loss.  And the thief or the criminal can’t use or consume the things they stole because it was an illegitimate gain and the moment a thief starts to consume what they stole, it will become obvious that they stole it because someone will recognize what they have truly belongs to someone else.  All illegitimate gains tend to fall into disarray before it is completely lost, which means the asset will end up being destroyed.  The thief will also miss out on the good feeling of working hard towards something that may be of interest and achieving it after years of hard work (success is working towards a worthy goal and achievement.  Criminal activity avoids and neutralizes that).  And that is just it, success is making the decision to works towards something that is worthy to work towards every day.  What is your decision?  Taxes and profits or crime and losses?

If your decision is profits, then taxes will always be associated with the profits you earn.  With sound financial decision making and planning following Become The Wealthy You! – DEFENSE, you should be seeing profits more often than losses.  It takes work, energy and thought power every day, but it is something you get to do every day and not just for a short period of time.  Becoming The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE is about producing more.  So if your decision is profits, then learning how to increase your profits on a regular basis is a skill you will have to get intimate with. 

A person can only produce so much with their own two hands and the time they have in the day.  For a person to increase their production, they must reach out for help to help them produce more.  Another way to put it is to hire employees.  Some people call it delegating responsibilities to other people (the higher the responsibility, the higher the pay), but it is still hiring employees.  It can also include hiring third-party contractors to help as well.  Having employees will help increase your production once fully trained and established, but each employee represents one job that was created to help you.  There are governments at all levels that release or announce tax incentives to attract job-creators to their community.  Questions have been raised about the true effectiveness of these tax incentives (some will say that all they do is move jobs around the country versus creating brand-new, additional jobs), but they could be opportunities for you to take advantage of.  And the more jobs that you can create the greater those rewards.  The opposite of tax incentives released by governments is entrepreneurship and that is where Becoming The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE lives.  According to a study by the University of Maryland, based on statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau, business startups account for approximately 20 percent of total U.S. job creation, while businesses that experience high-growth generate almost half of total U.S. job creation. These businesses tend to be small and young, classifying them as small businesses. Most new jobs are created by companies, firms and other institutions that are 10-years old or younger and not the generational firms that are over 100 years old.  Those jobs have already been created and are already occupied by existing employees.  When an old company moves their factory from one state to another because of tax incentives, then these jobs are just moved instead of new additional jobs being created (the people may not always move, but the jobs do).  Entrepreneurship is “the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the grand hope of profit.”  If you pick profit, it will be your responsibility to figure out how to produce, hire employees, distribute your product or service and to ensure the business entity runs efficiently and financially smart.  When you hire employees for a brand-new business or firm to help produce, your profits can increase, but you also create jobs in your community and each job will provide an income to the people who have assumed that responsibility with the corresponding earned income taxes being paid to the government from each job’s paycheck, increasing the amount of taxes being paid by your production.  Taxes are paid each time an employee receives their paycheck (from you but paid via their production as an employee) and paid on the profits earned by your production and business (busyness) on an annual basis. 

Economic doom and gloom can be diminished greatly too.  If your community, or the nation as a whole, is experiencing a period in which employment opportunities are limited and lacking, then become the solution to those problems.  Be the person that attempts to create jobs for your community instead of looking for a job for yourself.  If you create jobs for your community and people are able to take care of themselves and their families because of the jobs you have created, then you will be taking care of yourself and your family too (it is the positive side of karma).  It happens because of your decision and desire to earn profits and not losses.

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Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; It is all a personal decision. Everything. Including what you do with your time, what your income is and how much you want to be worth; this is net value. It is your decision to bring that to reality every day. Not tomorrow.

One’s personal life is a library of one’s personal decisions. Your life is molded and created by you every time a decision is made. Did you decide your line of work or labor? Or did you accept the first job offer? Did you select the amount that you receive from your wage or paycheck from your job? Or was the first offer accepted? What about the city and neighborhood you live in? What about the use of your time? Are you enjoying and receiving fulfillment from the current use of your time every day? All these questions should be answered and determined by you. Not a boss or a parent or a friend or a teacher, but you. This also includes your net-worth or net-value. There is value attached to everything in our world. Even trash on our streets have value, people will hold up used cardboard to ask for money and food, while others may peruse through trash looking for something of value. In Oregon, aluminum cans and plastic bottles can be redeemed for $.10 each. Public trash cans and dumpsters seems to always have a person in it looking for cans and bottles. These people have chosen to be amongst the least-valuable people in society, they demonstrate this everyday by looking for used drinking receptacles and using trash to ask you for your money. The Wealthy You! is you selecting to be amongst the most-valuable people in society. You will peruse through the smartest of minds from people that you meet in your life. You will be looking for gold (or your version of gold) while others look through trash. You will be collecting assets of value that appeal to you; real estate, gold, silver, stocks, bonds, businesses, literally whatever you decide. But it is your decision.

Why is this appealing? Because it is the epitome of private property. Aristotle acknowledged thousands of years ago a very basic principle that applies to all human life in all countries; “true happiness is impossible without the use of private property”. The real estate, gold, silver, stocks, bonds, businesses, artwork, and anything else of value needs to be owned by someone, otherwise they will all fall into disarray or the government will come to own it for us. The purpose of ownership is to take on the responsibility of that asset. Someone who owns a billion dollar business(s) (Musk) has taken on the responsibility of that business producing its product for society and doing it in a financially smart way. Farmers own their farmland so that they can produce their crop for people near and far. Farmland that is unowned has weeds in it and is unproductive. Businesses that don’t produce a product for society won’t exist for long. This is private from the government. Government doesn’t own the farm lands and the businesses, or even the national infrastructure. Businesses own this property and the private citizen owns the businesses (government does own AMTRAK, some land and some artwork in Washington D.C.) but the vast majority of all drivers of wealth are owned by the people. Besides someone has to own these assets and wealth has proven to be superior to poverty for a person’s life.

People are hired to do all kinds of jobs and in satisfactory completion of the job, people will receive a paycheck and some benefits or bonuses. Some people prove they don’t want to keep that job by calling in sick on a regular basis, being consistently tardy, asking coworkers to trade posts, sections or responsibilities or just plain not showing up for work. We have all worked with people who act this way and they are usually the main producers of these issues in your line of work. What they are really saying is they don’t want to keep the job. What if God hired you to do a specific job or play a certain role here on Earth? Are you going to call in sick frequently or complete the job satisfactorily? All these are your decisions to make every day of your life. Your life and world is created by your tongue and built by your hands.

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; View yourself as one of the most valuable things to exist in society; you are more valuable than diamond rings, million dollar sports cars and billion dollar sports franchises. Besides, someone has to own all those assets, why not you.

Become The Wealthy You!

The Wealthy You! – DEFENSE. Making or not making decisions.

This week on The Wealthy You!; Making or not making decisions.

Making decisions. Your entire life is a collection of decisions, both good and bad. The decisions you make build your life and bring you to where you are currently. If you don’t like where you are at currently in life, then change your criteria for making decisions in your life. If you don’t have criteria established to help make decisions, then make the decision to establish criteria that will help you make those decisions. Don’t let others make the majority of decisions for you, make a habit of making those decisions yourself. Once you get in the habit of making decisions, you will find yourself making those decisions every day, decisions that will lead your life and your body to where you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to be, then make the decision to go somewhere with your life and body. Both your life, body and time are yours, not the governments, not your job or organization you work for, not your families, not your friends, nor the strangers you see everyday. It is yours and it is your responsibility to make those decisions. Every day.

When it comes to building The Wealthy You, start with making the decisions around your income. Where you establish your income is your decision. What I mean by ‘where you establish your income’ is that your income is determined by you. You might be getting paid a set amount by your job, but it is established by your employer. The employer has made the decision to determine that the job you are fulfilling for them is worth however much the employer is willing to pay people in that position. It was your decision to accept that job. If you desire more financial resources, then make the decision to find money outside your job. You must make the decision and determine how much you believe you are worth. The higher the number you decide upon, the less likely you will desire a job from someone else. The wealthiest people in the world do not work for a paycheck from someone else or from a single job. They work to establish as many sources of income as possible. They also make the decision to put money to work for them 24/7. Money will do this for you because money doesn’t have a physical body to take care of and maintain; money doesn’t have family that it wants to spend time with; money doesn’t need to sleep or eat or clean itself; and money is perfectly content working day and night for you. It will even find more money for you to put to work for you. Money is one of the most abundant resources in the entire Universe. Take advantage of money working for you, or else you will get the feeling that it will take advantage of you. All of that is your decision to make.

Most people who have and maintain a job with an employer tend to only have that one source of income available to them in their life. Becoming The Wealthy You! inherently means not being dependent upon a single source of income. If you have one source of income from a job and employer and that employer cuts back on production or closes shop and eliminates your job, you will experience and have to endure a major financial repercussion in your financial life. But if you spend your time and make the decision to acquire as many sources of income in addition to your job, then if your employer cuts back on production or closes shop, then the financial repercussions you experience will be minimized and the pain reduced. Where one income stops, another can and will grow exponentially. But you must make the decision to have as many sources of income as possible. Be creative with it and produce for others. Others will trade in their money for your production.

In addition to establishing and acquiring as many sources of income as possible, you must make the decision and determine how much you are worth in financial terms. Whatever number you decide upon, focus on that number every day. The human mind creates more of whatever it focuses on. If you focus on the number that you are worth every day, then your mind will create the reality that you are worth the amount that you made the decision on. The higher the better. This program is called The Wealthy You!, not The Poverty You!. Make it a habit and make those decision every day.

Next week on The Wealthy You!; it is all mental.

Become The Wealthy You!