The Wealthy You – Offense

Financial literacy is more than just money, it is knowledge. Knowledge that, once understood in how it works, can work for you during your entire life, literally 24/7. To keep my approach to financial literacy simple I have split it into two different tracks of thought; Defense & Offense. To see exceptional results will require the use of a great defense (keeping what you earn) and a potent offense (earning as much as possible). But doing just either one of them and not both in tandem can lead to mediocre results. You can’t win unless you play and get familiar with the rules and knowledge everyday. Offense is about getting more points, money, wealth, assets and value. Someone has to own it.

  • Building wealth for you, your family, and your community is doing your part to win the war against poverty.
  • Poverty is a lack of resources; wealth is an abundance of resources. It is, generally, better to have abundance and not lack.
  • It has been said that “money can’t buy happiness”. Have you ever seen anyone purchase happiness with poverty?
  • Building wealth is a personal choice and personal endeavor that should be shared with as many people as possible, through your decisions. Wealth being built by customers enjoying your product that you share with them (McDonald’s, Apple, Facebook, Ford, Toyota and countless others for example).
  • The personal choice and personal endeavor part will lead you to personal interests that you will learn as much as you can. You will start to have all kinds of ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing things in your world of interest. Pursuing personal interests is not selfish, it is happiness.
  • Putting those ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing thing in place, i.e. trying them out or stress testing, is the road to production. Lots of your ideas, thoughts, dreams, and new or different ways of doing things will fail, so enjoy the process in abundance. You will need the abundance.
  • After trying them out or stress testing them enough times to whittle down to a productive and efficient product or service, you now have your product to sell or share with the world. The world being the other people who share in the same interests(s) as you.
  • Produce your product abundantly and share it generously, this is production. Production is the means of wealth. It is hard, damn near impossible to have wealth if nothing is first produced.
  • It is all a personal decision, everything, including what you do with your time, what your income is and how much you want to be worth; your net value, but it is your decision and you must make that decision everyday.
  • If you have read this, then you have made the first step to producing wealth for you, your family, your friends, your community, and your business.
  • One tip to get started; make the decision to get in the habit to pay yourself at least 10% of every dollar before you pay your other bills. Do this with every dollar that you put your hands on in an habitual manner.
  • View yourself as one of the most valuable things to exist in society; you are more valuable than gold, than diamond rings, million dollar sports cars and billion dollar sports franchises. Besides, someone has to own all those things, why not you? The government can’t own them.

Become The Wealthy You