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Universal thoughts about bonsai trees.

Bonsai Trees and universal thoughts.

Funny things happen when you graduate from college and, for one reason or another, doors to employed opportunities shut around you and you don’t have anymore homework to worry about or exams to study for everyday. What do you do with all that time? I don’t know, everyone will react or respond differently from one another when in this situation. I started to collect trees and put them in pots. I began the journey of bonsai when confronted with all my time.

Aspen Tree. Started this year.
Start of a branch structure for Aspen

Because I am beginning my bonsai journey, the vast majority of the pots I am using are cheap plastic pots. I bought shallow, but wide, water basin trays that I have been using as a way to simulate bonsai application for growing roots. If my plants aren’t in one of those water basins trays, then they are in black nursery pots waiting for their turn.