The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; building wealth is a personal choice and endeavor that should be shared with the world.

Building wealth is a personal choice. The world’s wealthiest people do not work for a paycheck from someone else. They all have some sort of product or service that they sell to society or the public. Usually the things they sell are all related to each other or is in a similar industry or works that work off of one another. But they all stem from a self-interest that those individuals or groups of people are interested in. Walt Disney had a self-interest in animation. Steve Jobs had a self-interest computers and software (among others), same with Bill Gates. The guys who created Caterpillar Inc. had self-interests in construction equipment manufacturing, going back to its predecessors Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Company (Caterpillar was formed with the merger of these two companies). These are just a few examples, but they all got to that size and level of success by pursuing self-interests in the first place and became competent in their space.

This may sound selfish and counter-productive but it is not. Especially when you get really good and knowledgeable about your self-interest to the point where the world will seek you out and ask for your knowledge and talent to help them with something that interests you. Money is a means of exchange. Once you come to the point where the world seeks you out about your expertise, something that interests you in the first place, you will discover that the world is wanting to trade in some of their money for your expertise. This will be a constant supply of financial resources straight into your bank account throughout your life. It’ll be daily, instead of a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. And this can happen with any product or service that society uses. Helping others with the use of your own talents is selfless. It has been said that helping others and trying to make their lives easier is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do in life. That is production. That is The Wealthy You! going on the OFFENSE. Helping others, going on the offense to produce something that interests you and then sharing it with the world.

But none of this can happen without first pursuing a self-interest. This can mean little money or financial resources until the world acknowledges your expertise in your interest. But who cares, you don’t pursue it for the money, the money will pursue you after you start pursuing your self-interests. Money is the most abundant resource in the entire Universe. Just over $21 trillion worth of economic transactions, real GDP, occurred in America alone in 2019. That is just one country in one year. What else can you think of that numbers in the trillions? When you include China, The European Union, Japan, India, and every other nations real GDP, or the things they produce valued in U.S. dollars, all added together will lead to a mind-numbing amount of money. And that’s only in a short time frame. Pursuing self-interests will lead to more satisfaction and financial resources.

Wealth is abundance. When you produce abundantly, you will find that you have an abundance of financial resource to follow suit. But if a self-interest isn’t produced, let alone abundantly, then there won’t be anything to trade for other people’s money. That is poverty, lack of resources. This is The Wealthy You! not The Poverty You!. Find something that you like, get to know it as intimately as possible, then share your expertise and knowledge with the world.

Next on The Wealthy You! – OFFENSE; New ideas, thoughts, dreams and new or different ways of doing things will fill your mind while pursuing self-interests.

Become The Wealthy You!

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