The Wealthy Bonsai!

One goal I aim to achieve with this blog is to talk about wealth and what it truly is. Why would it be desirable for someone? How is it attained? What is the point of wealth? What is the alternative? And, are wealth and money the same thing? I am trying to have my readers adopt an abundant mindset that they can apply in their lives how they see fit.

Merriam-Webster defines wealth as; the abundance of valuable material possessions or resources. And money is defined as; something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment. Money and wealth are not the exact same thing. Money is a financial resource that can be used to build wealth, as is a collection of land, businesses, cars and other show vehicles, and…bonsai trees. If you are going to start collecting something, might as well collect it in abundance, and surely these possessions are of value to you as an individual who is collecting those things. So, wealth is just an abundance of things that you enjoy in your life, if you find something that you enjoy, surround yourself with that. It can bring an infinite number of smiles to your face everyday.

So why would wealth be desirable for someone? Outside of the abundance of valuable possessions or resources it can bring someone, someone must first have the desire to have that wealth. It doesn’t come from the natural world, it is a product of man, coming from their mind. Man, using the best thinker in the universe, our brain, must come up with our own unique and individual way to build wealth. This has the tendency of developing unique and raw talents that is different from person to person that society is willing to pay for. LeBron James might just be putting a ball in a basket, but there are millions of people across the world who are willing to trade in their money just to watch LeBron put that ball in the basket every other night during the season. All those people trading in their money to watch his talent adds up to millions of dollars each year. They do it because LeBron puts the ball in the basket in a way that is different from everybody else that came before him. This is emulated by different athletes and other successful individuals in their respective line of work. Wealth is also about not having to be dependent upon one source of income in your life. If, for whatever reason, you have one income and it ends for some unseen event, you run the risk of starving and going homeless. But if you use your time to acquire as many sources of income as possible, then the loss of one source of income is far less detrimental financially. It is also about putting financial resources to work for you, in addition to whatever income you may have from a job or work. LeBron works for his contract in the NBA but has sponsorship deals with numerous other companies that use his likeness and he gets compensated for it because there are people out there who want his products. That is financial resources working for him that comes into him on a passive basis. His NBA contract is his active income he works for everyday.

For example, I collect trees. And since trees are easier to move around when they are kept small and in pots, I keep my trees in pots; bonsai trees. My collection is fairly small and young right now, but all wealth starts off small and young in life. Then it grows into giant, wealthy trees, literally everyday. Same way that wealth grows, everyday. As my collection starts to age and mature and my collection itself grows numerous in size, I have distant plans to start a sort of bonsai nursery/museum. And I’ve daydreamed about having a wine tasting service at the nursery/museum. You can taste world-class wines while viewing The Wealthy Bonsai trees. And learn how to have wealth for you and your family.

The point of wealth is more viewed as an award for your work, after your work is done. That is why there is more wealth in older people than younger people, typically. Like receiving a paycheck after the desired work has been done, wealth is received after desired goods, products, service or entertainment has been delivered or produced. LeBron started getting paid AFTER he started putting the ball in the basket NOT BEFORE putting the ball in the basket. The more goods, products, service or entertainment that you can produce and share with as many people as possible around the world is wealth. You doing your thing in abundance for as many people as possible, so then there are as many people as possible trading in their money for your thing. But only after you start doing your thing. The alternative to wealth; you not doing your thing and not sharing it for you, your family, or anyone else in the world and not having anyone trade in their money for your thing. That is called poverty, it is a lack of resources and it will make you piss, shit and starve in the streets. That is why wealth is desirable for you as an individual. And not poverty.

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